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Are you in need of an emergency dentist near Rocklin, CA?

Do you need emergency dental services near Rocklin, CA? Do you need an urgent dental appointment for emergency dental care? Do you have a tooth infection, a toothache, a broken tooth, or any dental pain?

Empire Parkway Dental Group is available to help you.

Emergency Dentist Available For Urgent Dental Care

At Empire Parkway Dental Group, we don’t want anyone to experience any kind of dental pain or discomfort. We offer the highest level of dental care for Rocklin, CA at affordable prices. We are available to schedule urgent dental appointments – many times the same day.

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For an emergency dentist near Rocklin, CA, trust the Empire Parkway Dental Group team. We assure you the highest quality of dental care and customer service because we are here to serve you. We are here for all your emergency dental needs.

If you are experiencing any amount of dental pain near Rocklin, CA and need an emergency dentist, we are here to help you get the treatment you need. Emergency dental services can help if you are experiencing any of these urgent dental conditions:

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A toothache is any pain you feel in or around a tooth. Most often, any amount of tooth pain is a sign there is something wrong and can worsen if not treated.

Tooth Infection

If a toothache is left untreated it can progress into a tooth infection. Symptoms of a tooth infection include throbbing tooth pain, throbbing pain in the jaw, ear or neck (typically on the same side as the tooth infection), sensitivity to pressure in the mouth, sensitivity to hot or cold, or a swollen cheek.

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A Cracked or Broken Tooth

A cracked or broken tooth should not be ignored. Treatment for a broken tooth varies based on severity. Minor cracks or chips can be fixed easily with dental bonding, restoring the integrity of the tooth. If the break worsens or if there is any tooth pain present, a crown, root canal or emergency tooth extraction may be needed.

Pain in Gums and Jaw

The dental causes of any pain in the gums and jaw include tooth decay or abscessed teeth, gum infection, teeth grinding, TMJ issues or injury to your jaw.

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Man talking with emergency dentist Rocklin CA

Front Tooth Pain

Front tooth pain may be a sign that you have developed a tooth sensitivity, have a cavity or possibly damaged a tooth. A damaged tooth such as a cracked tooth or a tooth infection may express itself as tooth throbbing or a toothache.

Molar Teeth Pain

Molar teeth pain can range from dull to intense. can be caused by cold or heat sensitivity, a tooth abscess, a cavity, a cracked filling, a cracked tooth, a sinus infection, teeth grinding, or a TMJ disorder.

Woman suffering from molar pain in need of emergency dentist Rocklin CA

The good news is that Empire Parkway Dental Group has an emergency dentist that is available to treat any of these and any other urgent dental condition you may be experiencing.

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Dental care is not expensive, neglect is.

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