Dental Membership Care Plan

Empire Parkway Dental plan in Folsom, CA

Join the Membership Care Plan for $365/year

Plan Includes:

  • Two Cleanings
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Unlimited Exams
  • Unlimited X-Rays

How Does the Membership Work?

Are you tired of letting an insurance company interfere with the dental treatments you need and desire? With our Membership Care Plan you no longer have to bear the full burden of significant and unexpected dental expenses again.

For a flat annual fee, members will receive:

Two Dental Cleanings (Healthy Gums) INCLUDED
Periodontal Evaluation INCLUDED
Oral Cancer Screening INCLUDED
Unlimited Digital X-Rays INCLUDED
Intraoral Camera Exam INCLUDED
Additional Dental Cleanings DISCOUNTED 20%
Emergency Office Visits DISCOUNTED 20%
Aesthetic Procedures DISCOUNTED 20%
Periodontal Disease Care (Not Healthy Gums). DISCOUNTED 20%
All General Dentistry Procedures DISCOUNTED 20%

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