Teeth Whitening in Folsom, CA

Teeth Whitening is a safe, effective, and affordable procedure to makeover your smile. It provides dramatic results and improves your appearance in a short time. Empire Parkway Dental Group recommends teeth whitening to help eliminate stains, remove discolorations and lighten the shade of your teeth.

How Teeth Whitening Helps You

Teeth whitening offers a number of benefits and is performed for several reasons. Tooth color, for example, is often genetic like skin tone or hair color and not all people are born with the same tooth color. Heavy coffee drinkers often have brownish stains on their teeth while smokers get yellowish discolorations caused by nicotine.

The truth is, not everyone has brilliant white natural teeth; most patients have slightly off-white or even grey teeth. Teeth whitening can lighten the shade of your teeth considerably and give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Also, substances like red wine, blackcurrant, and tea are also known to stain teeth. Some teeth develop natural cracks, and these cracks also absorb stains. Aging also contributes to discoloration of teeth. However, thanks to modern dental technology, there’s no need to live with stained or discolored teeth.

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Teeth Whitening Procedures at Empire Parkway Dental Group

There are several teeth whitening options available to patients in Folsom, CA. While laser or power whitening procedures are the latest methods, professional bleaching is one of the most popular techniques.

Step 1

The dentist or hygienist will first clean your teeth of food particles and debris.

Step 2

They will apply a special gel or rubber shield to protect your lips and tongue from the bleach.

Step 3

The dentist will slip a tray containing dental bleach into your mouth so that it can soak the teeth properly.

Step 4

Depending on the type of treatment, you may be asked to brush your teeth after a few hours or the next morning.

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