Tooth Extractions in Folsom, CA

Gentle Extractions for the Whole Family at Empire Parkway Dental Group

If you or your child need a tooth extractions in Folsom, CA, you may have some questions about what to expect. Even though it’s one of the more commonly performed procedures at Empire Parkway Dental Group, we know that it might be new to you. That’s why we provide the following overview of what to expect from our dentist in Folsom, CA when you visit us for an extractions near you.

Our Approach to Dentistry Makes Entire Families Comfortable

One of the things that patients love best about our family-friendly practice is that we speak in a way that’s not only easy to understand but helpful to calm fears and concerns as well. If your child needs their first tooth extractions, our dental care team will take time to calm their concerns and put them at ease. The staff at Empire Parkway Dental Group are trained in both family dentistry and pediatric dentistry to ensure that every patient has a positive experience – whether it’s for tooth extractions, preventive dentistry treatments, or any of the other general and cosmetic treatments offered in our comfortable Folsom, CA dentist office.

What to Expect During and After an Extractions in Folsom, CA

Although each patient will have their unique needs concerning tooth extractions, there are a few common traits to every procedure. These include performing a routine exam with x-rays to evaluate the health of your mouth or your child’s mouth. Our primary goal at Empire Parkway Dental Group is to help every patient retain their natural teeth for a lifetime – but when damage occurs to a tooth that prevents it from being repaired, or a wisdom tooth becomes impacted, extraction is the best treatment. Once the tooth has been removed, you or your child will receive post-procedure care instructions specific to the simple tooth extractions or surgical tooth extractions that was performed. Our dentist in Folsom, CA is also available 24/7 for emergency questions.

There’s Nothing to Fear with Gentle Dentistry from Empire Parkway Dental Group

We know that the thought of having a tooth extractions in Folsom, CA can be frightening. Instead of worrying about the procedure and postponing the treatment you need, why not make an appointment now to experience the gentle, caring dentistry that has made us Folsom, CA’s leading general dentist?