Dental Sealants

Help Prevent Cavities with Dental Sealants

One of the most prevalent issues our dentists treat at Empire Parkway Dental Group is tooth decay or cavities—we see patients with tooth decay on a daily basis, and it’s a completely preventable condition! Unfortunately, the damage sustained from tooth decay is permanent and has the potential to promote the development of more complicated oral health issues in the future if ignored.

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Let’s Fight Tooth Decay Together

Avoiding the development of tooth decay and cavities is possible with dental sealants in Folsom, CA. Our talented team of dental professionals is passionate about keeping the mouths of our patients in the healthiest shape possible.

While part of the responsibility is yours to maintain the highest standard of oral hygiene by brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and visiting us for regular exams and cleanings every six months, we can also help to prevent cavities from forming. With dental sealants, your teeth are thoroughly protected from tooth decay development.

Dental Sealants Explained

Dental sealants provide a protective layer that gets applied to the surface of your enamel. This protective coating serves as a barrier between your teeth and the plaque, tartar, and bacteria that cause cavities. The material used is a completely safe substance for your mouth and is extremely resistant to problematic agents.

The molars all the way in the back of the mouth are most susceptible to tooth decay because of the way they are shaped, collecting bits of food and miscellaneous debris between the points of the chewing surface. Your dental sealants will be applied to these teeth, thoroughly covering all the tiny places where bacteria, plaque, and acid like to hide.

Having dental sealants applied by our dentists in Folsom, CA is a quick and affordable, 100% painless, non-invasive procedure. They have the durability to last for a decade, after which they will need replacing.

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Who Needs Dental Sealants?

Anyone who is at a higher risk of cavity development can greatly benefit from dental sealants. Experts recommend that children should have dental sealants applied, as they’re more susceptible to tooth decay, but dental sealants are appropriate for patients of any age.

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