Emergency Dental Care in Folsom, CA

Emergency Dentist for Folsom, CA

At Empire Parkway Dental Group, we offer comprehensive emergency dental care in Folsom, CA. If you are not sure that you are facing a dental emergency, please call us right away for guidance or visit our dentistry to see our emergency dentist near you.

Emergency Dental Care in Folsom, CA at Empire Parkway Dental Group

If Your Tooth Has Been Knocked Out…

If you’ve had an accident or an injury that caused one or more of your teeth to get knocked out, hang on to the tooth if it’s possible and get in touch with our office as quickly as possible. There is a chance that we can save your tooth and re-implant it if you don’t waste any time.

If You Have a Chipped Tooth…

A small chip in your tooth that does not yield any pain does not necessarily require urgent dental care. In fact, very small chips can be left alone without the risk of complications or can be corrected with cosmetic treatment. To fix a chipped tooth, we offer dental bonding, dental veneers, dental crowns, and dental fillings.

An artificial tooth or a filling that’s been chipped should definitely be replaced.

Chipped tooth fixed in Folsom, CA at Empire Parkway Dental Group
Woman in Folsom, CA inserting a ClearCorrect® invisible aligner

If Your Tooth is Broken or Cracked…

To avoid further complications, any tooth that has become broken or cracked should be repaired right away. For teeth that have been cracked or broken, root canal therapy might be in order, and in some cases, tooth extraction is required.

For cracks that affect the dentin beneath the enamel, a dental crown can be placed to correct the damage. It should be noted that cracks cannot always be seen from the outside, so pay attention to a heightened sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures (liquids, foods, and air), or pain while chewing.

If Your Jaw Might Be Broken…

If, after an accident or traumatic injury, you suspect that you have sustained a broken jaw, absolutely do not try to move it. The best thing you can do for a broken jaw before you can get urgent care is to support it with something like a handkerchief tied around your jaw and the top of your head. You can use ice packs to manage any swelling. With a potentially broken jaw, you must immediately seek urgent care. Call our emergency dental clinic as soon as possible.

Broken jaw requires emergency care in Folsom, CA so call Empire Parkway Dental Group

If you suspect that your jaw may be broken support it with a handkerchief or medical wrap around your jaw and the top of your head on your way to urgent care.

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